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Notice: 初学者建议先到 http://acm.whu.edu.cn/starter 练手,Java好像挂了,交的时候先尽量用C/C++吧
Welcome to Land
Guide for Beginners
   Choose a problem from problem sets, then solve it, submit your code if you are sure that your code is right. Sometimes there are hints after a problem, which are useful.
Frequently Asked Questions    Contests will be hold with a fixed schedule, you can take part in anyone to show yourself.
   Read FAQ carefully first when you have any problem on how to use this system, many questions are already solved.
Mar 20th, 2012: All your source in Oak/Noah is back here!
Mar 22nd, 2010: Land is coming soon!
Mar 2nd, 2007: Change noah to a new style.
Jan 5th, 2007: Noah v2.0 project started, contact us for any suggestion.
Mar 22nd, 2006: WHU Online Judge Version 1.0 released

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